Martin Hilbert

Professor at the University of California, Davis (USA)

Tw: @martin_hilbert

Fb: /prof.martinhilbert


Martin Hilbert is Professor at the University of California, Davis. He pursues a multidisciplinary approach to understanding the role of information and knowledge in the development of complex social systems.

He holds doctorates in Economics and Social Sciences, and in Communication, and created and coordinated the Information Society Programme of United Nations Regional Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (

In his 15 years as United Nations Economic Affairs Officer he provided hands-on technical assistance in the field of digital development in over 20 countries.

His work is published in the most recognized academic journals, such as Science, Psychological Bulletin, Trends in Ecology and Evolution, and World Development, and regularly features in popular outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, The Economist, NPR, NatGeo, Discovery, PBS, BBC, Die Welt, among others.