Transformación Digital – Experiencia Trabajo colaborativo entre el Sistema de Información Universitario y la Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento, Argentina

Authors: Analía Verónica Barberio, Pablo  Alejandro Martínez, Daniela Leticia Guardado
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Presented by:

Analía Verónica Barberio

General Director of Information Systems and Technologies of the National University of General Sarmiento, Coordinator of the Cybersecurity Subcommission under the Connectivity and Systems Commission of the National Interuniversity Council. She completed her Master in Strategic Management of Information Technologies from the Miguel de Cervantes European University.

Pablo  Alejandro Martínez 

Developer and Coordinator of the SUDOCU and UNGS ACTIVA projects of the General Directorate of Information Systems and Technology (DGSYTI) of the National University of General Sarmiento (Argentina), He coordinates the development of SUDOCU as part of the File solution Integrated Electronic that provides the SIU and advanced student of the University Professorship in Philosophy of the same University.

Daniela Leticia Guardado

Senior Functional Analyst of the SUDOCU project at the National University of General Sarmiento and is the Functional Coordinator of the SUDOCU as part of the Integrated Electronic File solution provided by the SIU. She is a National Public Accountant who worked for several years as Secretary of Administration of the National University of General Sarmiento and Budget Analyst of the Secretary of University Policies of the Ministry of Education.